Introduction to Beautiful Bosnia

New Zealanders really love to visit those countries or cities which have some great, famous and old places that represent the glory of past. Bosnia is full of the memories of cultural heritage places and many other beautiful places. That's why those New Zealanders who really love to the ancient, famous and amazing places really want to visit the Bosnian region of Bosnia Herzegovina.

Stari Most Bridge

The one of the most famous and memorable place of the Bosnia is its very old Stari Most Bridge. This bridge has a very old history. It was destroyed during a war held in Bosnia but now it has rebuilt again in 2004. We can say that this old bridge is a symbol of the glory of the people of Bosnia. This bridge was first mad of large stones. The inauguration of this bridge in 2004 was done by the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. It was a very memorable and great international event. Lots of people from all over the world participated in that memorable event. This bridge is also known as “new old bridge”. There is not ant ticket to visit this memorable and historical stone bridge. There is very beautiful lake inside this bridge that attracts the drivers to jump in this lake for fun and enjoyment. Many New Zealanders visit the Bosnia for just seeing this great historic bridge of Stari.

Historic Museum

Another famous place of Bosnia is the great historic Sarajevo Tunnel Museum. This museum is also very much attractive and amazing to watch. People from all parts of the world visit the place of Bosnia to visit this historic Sarajevo Tunnel Museum. This tunnel museum is very much large. That's why some people visit this museum through the public transport for some distance and for remaining distance; they walk on their foot to enjoy this visit. But many people also hire their private taxi for the visit of this great museum. There are also lots of tourist guide available near the museum. You can hire on of them so that you can know each and every thing about this historical museum. Like other people, New Zealanders who really love the historic place want to visit the Bosnia for seeing this great historic Sarajevo Tunnel Museum.

Great Mosque of Gazi Husrev Beg

It is one of the finest places of Bosnia that demonstrates the amazing art of Ottoman architecture not only in the Bosnia but in all almost all over the world. It was a very old mosque that was built in the year of 1531. This beautiful and historic mosque has also consists of 13 amazing dome along with very high clock tower. This mosque looks really amazing in the night when it is very much decorated with the decoration lights. Both Muslims and Non-Muslims who visit the Bosnia must visit this beautiful house of God. This is really a glory of the people of Bosnia who have such a great mosque in their area. It's very pleasing to visit this great mosque. It tells about the skills and arts of the Ottoman people.

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